This story of mine started many years ago when I was in an airport traveling for my job. I had been commuting almost weekly for a few years and it had become somewhat of an auto pilot time in my life. I would put my ear buds in and disappear as I traveled from one city to another. One day I was sitting in DFT and my life was impacted in a way that I didn't fully understand at the time. It was back to school time and this Mother in a fast food uniform sat down next to me. She was on break from her job and was talking to her Mother on the phone crying. I immediately started listening (when I say listening I mean minding my own business sort of!). She was telling her Mother how she asked her boss for some extra hours so she could afford school clothes and supplies for her three children and he said no. She was so worried about how to provide for them and said she didn't want them to feel different than other kids when they started school. She just cried and cried and said she was doing all that she could she was just lost ob how to make this happen. When she spoke of her children all I could hear was love. The kind of love I have felt from my Mother when growing up. Not having a child at the time I only understood this from the child viewpoint. I always felt so much love from my Mother and knew she wanted to provide more for me than she could. I sat there so sad for her. I had a better paying job then I could have ever imagined at the time. I sat there for a moment feeling so blessed and so guilty for my financial success. Then it came to me - HELLO you can help!!! Do something!!! Don't just sit there! I panicked because they were calling my boarding group. I got up and ran to the ATM and got the max it would let me take out... $100. I walked up to the woman and interrupted her on the phone. "My flight is boarding I have to go. I am sorry for listening I didn't mean to but I have been blessed in my life financially and I feel that I need to give this to you." She set the phone down looked at the money and said " I asked my boss for 10 more hours so I could make $100 extra dollars." Her jaw dropped and tears began to fall for both of us. I had to leave now they were actually calling my name. So I smiled and as I waked away I heard her talking to her Mother about a "blessing" a complete stranger gave her. I smiled the whole flight and felt amazing -all I could think about is doing it again. I knew this was the beginning of something but I wasn't quite sure what! Over the next several months I began the process of putting a $100 bill in my wallet and asking to be shown who needs hope. So many of you have heard the many many stories of my monthly $100 blessings. I have learned that the $100 prayer is more about me then the person I am giving it to. Each and everyone has taught me something amazing and has made me think HARD!!! So then became my vision of "What to do with this now???" I have always felt moved to do more with this personal experience. So I finally started sharing the stories with others. I realized the most interesting thing... as I shared these stories with others they were touched. And many said how wonderful it was that I was doing this. I realized that it was wonderful to others but it didn't move them to do it too and that was curious to me. I felt in telling the stories it would inspire others to do the same. It didn't- it made them smile and think I was kind but that wasn't why I did it!!!! I just knew there was something more! I have had so many ideas on what that means but nothing ever felt right until recently!!! This is how #100blessings came to be! Want to learn what happens next? Click here to find out how you can be a part of my next journey