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blessings so far 24/100 <-


All I could think about is doing it again. I knew this was the beginning of something but I wasn't quite sure what! Over the next several months I began the process of putting a $100 bill in my wallet and asking to be shown who needs hope. So many of you have heard the many many stories of my monthly $100 blessing. I have learned that the $100 prayer is more about me then the person I am giving it to. Each and everyone has taught me something amazing and has made me think HARD!!! So then became my vision of "What to do with this now???" I have always felt moved to do more with this personal experience. So I finally started sharing the stories with others. I realized the most interesting thing... as I share these stories with others they were touched. And many said how wonderful it was that I was doing this. I realized that it was wonderful to others but it didn't move them to do it too and that was curious to me. I felt in telling the stories it would inspire others to do the same. It didn't- it made them smile and think I was kind but that wasn't why I did it!!!! I just knew there was something more! I have had so many ideas on what that means but nothing ever felt right until recently!!! First I came up with #100blessings as a way to get others to bless others with $100. But something wasn't exactly right about this! I started thinking about the people who couldn't afford $100 but could make a difference in other people's lives in some way!!! I had this on my heart for years... I feel like I have it now! That I have the blessing of understanding! Now I KNOW what I need to do! And I have invited YOU to be apart of this journey!!! I can't wait to hear what this brings up in you and more importantly what ACTION you decide to take!!! I have been guided to ask for 100 total blessings from others. 100 things of giving to 100 people!!! I love this because it can mean spending money if you have the money or it could mean an act of service to someone else!!! If you decide that you are moved to take this journey with me the first step is to pray to be shown what to do with this challenge. Then second is to do it! The third is to share it with us on this page! The forth is to invite one person to this group to do it too!! Thank you for being a part of my blessing and vision! I can't wait to hear your stories!!! #100blessing